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Brett went over and beyond!

She found my family our dream house! Anytime I needed her she was at my beckoning call. She worked late at night and was there for me early the next morning! Not only is she the best realtor ever, she became my bestfriend! She is the only one, who I will recommend, for all realty needs!

Amber Renee Bergsten (C.N.A.)

I would recommend her to anyone always good at responding and getting answers if she doesn’t know.

Evan Goodwater (Buyer)

Bret was wonderful to work with.

She was patient and helpful and went the extra mile. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Trudy Sheedy Tinoco

Bret Doll helped me buy my dream house.

May she help you find yours. :)

Kathleen Abel (Minister)

Tina did an excellent job with the purchase of our property.

She was very prompt with all the information and paperwork. Her communication was very good and everything was timely. Thanks again.

Barry Grimm

Excelent job!

Ann looked out for our families best interests through the entire process of looking for and buying our home.

Gregory Pfaff (SSG )

From the beginning to the end, Bret has been extremely patient and helpful.

I am a first home buyer, and I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into. Bret directed and guided me into the right directions. The seller tried to back out on the day before closing but Bret worked some magic and got the seller to stick to their guns. I highly recommend Bret.

Zachary hogenson

Bret did a great job!

We had some difficulties with the seller of the property and Bret was very professional in dealing with them. She was very prompt in keeping us in the loop on negotiations. I highly recommend her whether you are looking to buy or sell!

Jesse Mathews

Tina worked hard to help us find the “right fit” hunting property.

We kept chasing leads and finally caught up to one. She found that lead because of her strong effort ( it was a for sale by owner). We lost out on a few before that but Tina kept working hard for us. She has a great knowledge of her market. A final comment is: on our first property showing with her which was on SuperBowl Sunday and was the coldest day of the year, she showed up on snowshoes to get the job done. Thanks Tina!

Peter Brandt

Tina is the best- she was communicative and knowledgeable about the area we were house hunting in- knew all the ins and outs of SW Wisconsin.

She helped us negotiate and communicate with a few different sellers before we landed on the house we wanted, and she was fast and patient throughout it all. We will be using Tina for all our future real estate needs.

James Mackessy

We knew we made the right decision in choosing Bret as our realtor on day one.

She did an amazing job of listening to what we were looking for and finding those properties. Bret was very knowledgeable on what the houses would need for approval for a VA home loan and walked us through every step. For a process that is as stressful as home buying she made sure she did everything in her power to relieve some of that stress! When we found “The Home” Bret was there at any time to answer our questions as well as keep us on track with any and all paperwork. We know without a doubt this experience wouldn’t have been as amazing without her!

Kayla Holthaus

I couldn't be happier very knowledgeable and easy to work with answered all our questions in timely manner and helped us tremendously

Tyler Holthaus (Correctional Officer)

We had plenty of trouble selling my house, we had problems and it took us 2 years.

Garrick was our third realtor but he managed to sell the place and get a good price, too. Until now, I considered most realtors on a level with meth cooks and bicycle thieves. But Garrick did a good job and we would highly recommend him.

James Hoban (Mr. )

Tina was great to work with.

She was friendly, knowledgeable and willing to advise us on the pro's and cons of each property. She also allowed us to spend as much time as necessary hiking the property to see what it had to offer. She never rushed us or made us feel like we were taking up too much of her time. She was a great realtor, but has also become a friend because of the process. I highly recommend her for your next property search.

Stephanie Bartley (Director of Biological Science Research-UW Madison Department of Surgery)

Working with Tina and her team was a dream on the sale of our property.

She made the sale a breeze and was happy to answer any of the questions that we had. She took the time to accommodate our busy schedules and remained positive and cheerful the entire time from early morning texts and emails to late night phone calls. I highly recommend Tina and her team!

Christy Carter

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